“Eating Up The Philippines”

Islands, Nov | Dec 2009

Chinese noodles, chorizo, phad thai—sure, but how about sinigang? Filipino food combines exotic flavors into a singular cuisine. Discover startling landscapes, unmatched hospitality and culinary gems you’ll may soon know by name.

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“Low On The Water”

DestinAsian, May 2009

Swimming with jellyfish and exploring pristine coral reefs are just part of the allure of Palau, a remote island republic where eco-consciousness runs deep. Could this be one of the world's last true paradises?

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“Double Down”

Outside Traveler, Winter 2007

If you thought Vegas’s synthetic pleasures were supercharged, get a load of its biking, climbing, and other high-octane temptations.

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“Lone-Sky Safari”

Outside Traveler, Summer 2006

Ditch the jeep and leave your checklist at home. Africa’s hottest safari buzzes over Namibia in a four-seater Cessna.

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“Disco Inferno”

Rock & Ice, April | May 2000

The Y2K Gringo Disco may not have been all it was promised, but El Potrero Chico lives up to the hype.

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“Close Encounters”

DestinAsian, June | July 2010

By turns kitsch and serene, the Korean holiday island
of Jeju offers plenty of authentic experiences, as time spent with its free-diving haenyeo attests.

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Sport Diver, July 2010

An exploratory dive mission to Oman on the Arabian peninsula yields surprises from both above and

below the water.

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“Treasure Island”

DestinAsian, Feb | March 2010

From its teeming reefs to its hospitable people and—yes—delicious cuisine, Bohol is one of the Philippines’ best-kept secrets. Now this hinterland hopes to parlay its friendly shores into the next big thing. But should it?

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“Colombia Revealed”

Sport Diver, April 2010

Off the Pacific Coast of South America’s most intrepid seaboard, Isla Gorgona is shrugging off its savage past and drawing in travelers with big animals, tropical idylls, and deserted dive sites.

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Outside, October 2010

When aid specialist James Gulley came home alive from the Haitian earthquake—barely, after an incredible survival ordeal—he went right back. Hi son went, too, discovering the true power of a faith he’d never shared.

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